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"We Raise The Kind The Cowboys Ride"


Claytons Driftwood the day before the Waggoner Ranch cane to pick him up

Did you ever have a colt so good,
That you thought he could read your mind?
Just show him what you wanted
And the rest would fall in line.

I found myself better mounted
A better horse I could not choose.
I had named him Clayton's Driftwood
After the son that we did lose.

But when you have a great
One the word will get around.
The Waggoner Ranch came to look
And Old "Drifty" was Vernon bound.

To the home of Poco Bueno and Pretty Buck,
Jesse James and Blackburn, too,
Midnight, Pretty Boy and Pep Up
Just to name a few.

Claytons Driftwood with Lee and Wes O'neil ready to load to head to the Waggoner Ranch
Clayton Jones ~ C-J Ranch

I'd hoped he'd become a legend
Because he carried Clayton's brand
To be held in awe by everyone
And known around the land.

But, alas, this was not meant to be
A freak accident cut him down,
But if a horse can go to heaven
He'll have a lot of stars in his crown.

I bet when he got to heaven
With that brand shining on his left side,
That he was claimed by the boy who owned the brand
Who now rides him with great pride.

He'll be the best mounted cowboy in heaven
As he rides through the hills up above
And he'll cherish Old "Drifty" the same as I
And he'll give him much care and love.
                                               - Lee Jones

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