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"We Raise The Kind The Cowboys Ride"


He stops to catch his breath
And he leans on his cane.
You just look at his face
And know he's in pain.

But, you never hear him gripe;
He just does his best.
He gets tired pretty easy,
He has to stop and rest.

I think back thru the years
And try to remember him when
He was young and agile
And he was a rodeo man.

He could work three events,
But, bareback was his best.
So he settled on that
And forgot the rest.

He could hoe it out of one,
He could spur 'um in the neck;
Just rear on back,
He didn't give a heck.

It was just a freak fall
That brought it all to an end.
Then, years of re-hab,
How I cried for my friend.

But, he was a fighter,
And he never gave in
He slowly came back,
He always knew how to win.

And, there are some things
That you can't take from a man.
And everyone knows
That he was a HAND!          - Lee Jones

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