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"We Raise The Kind The Cowboys Ride"

"The Gambler"

Today, we buried our old friend, Pecos,
There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd.
All the people sobbed so gently
He would have been so proud.

He had a good long life,
He was nearly fifty-eight.
Shot down by an irate husband
As he sprinted for the gate.

Cut down in the prime of life,
Is what the newspaper said.
Shot in the ass by a twelve gauge
He caught about six pounds of lead.

When he cross to the other side
He was met by two angels there.
He took a deep breath and let out a sigh
And said, "I didn't think I had a prayer."

He went along with a grin on his face
'Till the pearly gates were in sight.
Nobody thought I would make it
But, now I'm headed for the light.

All of a sudden, he saw a sigh
It said Blackjack game down below.
He said, "Out of my way fellows,
Y'all are going way too slow."

There stood a big Casino
Right at the end of the trail.
The boss man looked familiar
There was something about that forked tail.

He got some chips and drew some cards,
But, luck just wasn't there.
But, he was playing on borrowed money
So, he bet without a care.

If he took a card, he busted.
When he stood, the next one was an ace.
No matter what he had,
He was always second place.

The dealer said, "The table's closed."
"Time to pay up," he said so loud."
I'm calling in your markers
You ain't floating on no cloud.

He felt some hands grabbing him
As he broke out in a sweat.
His wife said, "Wake up Pecos,
You have got the bed all wet.

Guess I had a bad dream.
Must have been something I ate.
I guess that will teach me
To eat a snack so late.

I think maybe tomorrow
I'll call the boys, my dear,
And cancel that trip to Vegas,
I'm just way too busy here.          - Lee Jones

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